Family law issues can be extremely difficult and it is important that you have a compassionate and dedicated team in your corner. The decisions you make on behalf of your family today will have long-lasting effects for years to come.

Family law encompasses a broad range of legal topics involving marriage and children. Common family law subjects include divorce or annulment, child custody and visitation rights, child support payments, and spousal support / alimony. Family law specifically deals with children in regards to adoption, guardianship, and state child protection, and domestic violence and restraining orders for adults.

The Court process for any family law matter can often be very confusing, so it is always wise to consult with a family law attorney to help explain your rights and to protect your interests. A lawyer experienced in family law will know how to navigate through the complicated legal process in an efficient manner, and be there when you have questions.

At the Law Offices of Scott G. Hilderman, P.C., our skilled legal team has extensive experience handling all issues relating to complicated family matters. We consider ourselves to be counselors at law who will listen and provide you with proper guidance. Our office understands that a divorce is more than the division of property and debts, but also a highly emotional and life-changing experience.

Family Law

Montana Code Family Law Title 40, Chapter 1 Through Chapter 15